Get your Car Washed & Waxed at Parking

Day or Night, Home or Shopping, Shine your Car without Stepping out

Our Story

Car owners hate spending separate time and too much money to get their car washed in the traditional car washing system.  Cawago is invented to stop these worries by keeping it quick, convenient and less spending.

Cawago is a revolutionary parking car wash system that washes your car right at your parking space without taking it outside. The first of its kind car wash reaches your doorstep on demand and is available in your neighbourhood parking- shopping malls, multiplexes etc.

Cawago uses just 2 liters of water and cleans your car in 20 minutes without leaving a single drop of water on your floor. The waterless system cleans your car while you are busy with what's more important for you unlike traditional car washing that takes your time too.

Cawago aims to productively use your parking time to shine your car in residential apartments and homes, shopping malls, commercial buildings, business hotels and wherever organised parking is available.

Cawago uses a proprietary technology and an eco-friendly washing formula to give better shine and lustre to your car without spending your productive time.

Our Presence

We are increasingly expanding our presence in all your neighbourhood parking locations to make sure we are available wherever you go- home, shopping, dining or work.

Shopping Malls

Your car gets washed right at your parking space while you are busy with shopping. You get notified when the wash is completed.

Residential Apartments

Hassle free car wash in your apartment per your time and convenience without moving your vehicle from parking slot.

Business Hotels

The valet parking team in our network hotels will take care of your wash when you stay in or dine at the hotel.

Independent Homes

Our doorstep car wash reaches you on demand when you book using mobile app. We have washing boys roaming around in all busy locations in your city.

Commercial Buildings

Think of your car getting washed while you are at work in your office with just a click of a button on your mobile app.

Airports & Multiplexes

We have further expanded our service locations to Airports and multiplexes to productively use your car’s idle parking time.

Our Parking Partners

We exponentially build our network of parking locations with shopping malls, residential apartments, commercial buildings, business hotels etc.

Why car owners love us ?

  • 100% Soft water & Shinier
  • Lab tested soft water to keep your car body spotless and shine like new. 

  • Mobile & Convenient at Parking
  • The waterless system is a mobile unit that can quickly reach your car and wash without moving the vehicle. 

  • 2 Liters + 20 Minutes = Exterior + Interior
  • Not more than 20 minutes and 2 liters of water for complete wash

  • Lab Tested Cleaning Agents
  • Cleaning liquids are laboratory tested and verified non-harmful.

  • Half Price of Normal wash
  • Price starts at Rs 139 which is lower than half of traditional car wash.

  • Eco-friendly
  • We save million liters of water every month in your city. A drop saved is a drop earned for our children.

2 Litres + 20 Minutes = Exterior + Interior
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Listen to what cawago users say about our app, our service, washing captains, our locations and above all the lasting shine that cawago gives to your car.

Our Gallery

Explore how we surprise our customers with clean and shinier cars with just 2 litres of water and in 20 minutes.

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We are looking for more parking partners in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Cochin and Mangalore. Write to us with your questions and let’s join hands together for an eco-friendly car washing solution that saves water for our children.

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