Join as Cawago’s Wash Captain
and Earn 500% Revenue

Be part of the Cawago Franchise Network

We invite individual entrepreneurs who are committed and motivated to work as cawago wash captains in their city. 

Who’s cawago wash captain?

Individuals who operate our doorstep car wash service in their city on a high revenue sharing model with a low investment. A wash captain works independently as if he is running his own business as per the agreement and quality standards fixed by the company. Every wash captain has a specific location/area in his city to operate under the brand ‘cawago’ with life-time marketing support to generate business and operational help to successfully carry out the business in a way that car owners are satisfied and happy to be our loyal customers. 

Who's eligible to apply as wash captain?

Any individual who has entrepreneurial qualities to manage a business independently for a revenue sharing model with a low investment. The qualities and attitudes that we want our wash captains to possess are:

1. Willingness to work independently as a business owner:

The person will have to work as if he has started his sole proprietorship business and must be solely operating to complete car wash at our customers’ doorstep on demand

2. Committed and dedicated to satisfy our customers as per their time and requirements:

The individual must have 100% dedication and commitment to manage the business in a way that customers are satisfied and happy to turn them into our loyal customers.

3. Protecting the brand reputation and upholding the values of business:

He must be working in such a way that the brand value of the business is not affected and he keeps all the values of business such as ethics, straightforward behaviour, open communication, immediate response, and friendliness. 

4. Leadership and Partnership

One of the most important skills you need to possess as our business partner is the ability to be proactive and take the initiative. You should be able to assume a leadership role and be willing and able to learn new skills. 

5. Follow cawago wash standards

You also need to be able and willing to follow our system, which is called as cawago standards. You are basically assuming a partnership role with the cawago, and by signing the franchise agreement, you agree to fulfill four major responsibilities for the success of the overall business system.

6. Communication

You need to be certain that you understand how the entire cawago car wash system works and not be afraid to communicate with our team in any language you prefer. You should also expect to report any issues/problems/feedback raised by our customers for improving service delivery. 

7. Organisation

Prepare to wear many hats in your role as a franchisee. In operating the business, you will most likely have to manage all of the business's daily operations, including managing booking, scheduling your time, communicating with customers, resolving discrepancies, and of course completing the wash with 100% perfection etc.   

In a nutshell, as long as you understand your role as a wash captain in our franchise network and make every effort to carry it out thoroughly, you should be able to manage your business successfully. 

Why join as wash captain?

  • Flexibility: You have total control. You can simply use our Android app to set your own hours and we will book your wash based on your availability.
  • Very Low Investment: Nowhere in the industry you can find a business with such a low investment and quick to start to earn high earnings every day.
  • 5 Times Revenue: No exaggeration. It is just the reality. See our calculations below for better clarity.
  • No Complex Jobs: This is not a traditional car wash business. It is a unique and easy to do technology and smart system to finish your job effortlessly.
  • Focus only on washing: No worries about your business and its complexities. You focus only on washing and how good it can be done to make your customers happy and loyal.
  • Lifetime Marketing & Operations support: You will get lifetime marketing support of all kinds, operations support, and washing supplies and materials.

How much to Invest?

You can choose one of the franchise plans to join our network of wash captains:

Rs 1 lakh - Onetime payment - 25% Royalty 
Rs 50,000 - Onetime payment - 60% Royalty

Please note GST will be extra*

Return on investment (ROI) and Payback Period

Considering the plan Rs 1 lakh franchise, the return on investment in a year is 500%, which means 5 times of your investment. And your investment will get paid back in 2 and a half months. If you buy cawago franchise out of Govt subsidy loans, your benefits will be further multiplied. 

Example Plan 1- One Lakh Investment

Rs 139 to 450 is the range of wash price. If Rs 200 is the avg wash amount per car taken for calculations, you can wash 10 to 15 cars and if 12 is taken, 12x 200 will give Rs 2,400 a day. If you work for 25 days in a month, the lowest amount you can make is Rs 60,000.

Considering 25% sales royalty and 5 % material cost to the company,  the remaining 70% is your margin which is Rs 42000 a month and that is your profit. 

The average payback period is therefore, Two and half Months. You can get back your full investment in 2 and a half months. Payback Period is 2.4 months to be exact.

Monthly ROI - 42% . This means you will get 5 times of your investment on an average every year. 

Example Plan 2 - Rs 50,000 investment

The price of wash and number of washes in a day are supposed to be the same for the second plan too. Hence, the monthly sales revenue will be Rs 60,000. 

But, considering 60% sales royalty and 5 % material cost to franchise, the remaining 35% is your margin which is 21,000 Rs a month and that is your profit.

The average period to take back the investment here also is 2 and a half months. Payback Period is 2.4 months to be exact.

Monthly ROI - 42% . This means you will get 5 times of your investment on an average in a year.

Comparing two plans:

Even though the ROI and payback period of both schemes is the same, the monthly revenue differs. When the first plan gives a revenue of 42000 Rs a month, the second gives 21,000 Rs per month. 


The entire service under the franchise agreement shall be operated by you as per the quality standards and guidelines fixed by the company from time to time. The service will include all the efforts and operations that are carried out to make the end customers satisfied and happy that they will be returning customers.

How do wash bookings come to wash capitan?

The wash booking to you shall be received through franchisee mobile application which is set to receive bookings for the area allocated to the franchisee. The bookings on receipt in the app will have to be accepted by you before it is accepted by another franchisee in your area (More wash captains shall be recruited in one location if there’s high demand in that area). Bookings once accepted will be the sole responsibility of the franchisee to get completed at any cost to assure service availability to the customer.

Support and Materials from cawago

Cawago wash is an innovative way of car washing which is accepted by people across the country. You cannot do anything on your own to get this started and continue to do.  Both of our franchise plans includes the following:

  • Two sets of all equipments and machines for your scooter (You have to bring your scooter)
  • Scooter Branding & Two sets of T shirts. 
  • All washing materials and supplies (Our own proprietary formula)
  • Mobile Application to manage your bookings/earnings/payouts etc
  • On-the-job training for 10 days (No extra payment)
  • Customer Relationship Management Training for 5 days (No extra payment)
  • Lifetime Marketing support to generate business.
  • Lifetime skill development training for better performance
  • Loan sanctioning documentation (No extra payment)


Do you support for bank loan?

Of course yes, if you are very serious about finding a business opportunity with high profitability. We will help you with bank loan documentation to get it approved on your behalf. If you are eligible for Central or State Govt subsidised schemes such as PMEGP, Mudra Loan, it will be very easy to get sanctioned.
It depends on which franchise plan you are in. A hard working wash captain under the plan 1 lakh earns around Rs 1500 a day after deducting company royalty. On an average the monthly revenue under this plan will be around Rs 45,000. If you have chosen the Rs 50,000 plan, the revenue will be half of the above calculations.
Not necessary. But, we prefer our wash captains to have writing and reading skills and must have a minimum 8th class if you want government subsidised loans. 
Never. You can manage your cawago franchise business from your home using your mobile app. The mobile app will receive your everyday booking, your earnings, payouts from the company and many more to save your time and focus more on work. Mobile app is your office/store to manage your complete business. 
Yes, of course. You can avail any bank loan for this purpose. We shall help you with loan documentation on your behalf for easy approval. 
The franchise payment is paid in two installments. First 50% will have to be paid upfront and you can join our free training program. By the time your training is over and all the machines and equipment get ready, your second instalment will be due and you can pay to get started immediately. 
Cawago uses an innovative technology and proprietary formula for car wash and therefore, they are unique and not available in the market. If you are keen to learn everything in a span of 5 to 7 days, it will be fine for you to get started with your business.
Click the below button ‘Apply for cawago franchise’ and submit your application. We will get in touch with you in one business day.